Kate Williams with Dave Thorpe duo & Acid drops -live soul, blues, jazz

Kate and Dave met over a scarred ukulele in a music therapy centre… all is now well with it and them. A shared obsession for ukes and mandolins, exploration of their diverse musical backgrounds and some peculiar common ground has led to them performing recording and writing together. Their first album ‘outside’ was released in August 2015 and they have recently begun work on a new collection of original songs and tunes. They can be seen regularly acoustic music venues in London and beyond so watch this space for updates and information on recordings and gigs!

Taking their inspiration from the soul-jazz of the 1960s, typified by the Blue Note and Atlantic record labels, the Acid Drops give it a new spin, adding references to cinema and TV themes as well as filtering more contemporary tunes through the Acid Drops groove-machine.
So, think of a mix of Herbie Mann, the Crusaders & Sonny Stitt, with a helping of John Scofield and Medeski, Martin & Wood and you’ll get an idea of where the sound of The Acid Drops is coming from.
With a line-up of sax, guitar, bass and drums, the band set up some furious instrumental, danceable, grooves, making them the must-see jazz funk band on the circuit. Not to be missed!