Carl James Dunning 7pm – Irina Atanasiu 8pm – Nora and Alastair 9pm – Combo Yanze 10:30pm – LIVE SALSA

Carl James Dunning  7PM

 An acoustic act from the north east of London



Irina Atanasiu 8PM

A singer-songwriter from Brussels 

Nora and Alastair 9PM


Combo Yanze 10:30PM

Salsa band 

Combo Yanze latin music band was formed on 2013 by the saxofonist, flute, clarinet player and arranger Christian Pacheco from Venezuela, and the Colombian singer and percussion player Juan ” Pachanga” Lopez, the band started performing Salsa as a main music style and after incluided some cumbia, bachata, merengue, bolero even reagetton sometimes for some special performances. The band has been participating in too many Festivals and important music and dance events around UK like Latin Motion( Birningham ) El Grande at Scalla ( London ) Salsateca 25th anniversary ( London ) Carnaval del pueblo 2014(London) Brixton Festival 2015( London)Comida Festival ( London ) Latin Festival 2019( Birningham ). Also the have been performed at Hootananny( London ) Gabeto ( London ) and Revolucion de Cuba restaurant ( Milton Keynes, Reading, Birningham, Southamton).