Brian Ernst (USA) live looping & Mighty High

Mighty High- covers band consisting of a singer with two guitarists, a bass player and a percussionist.

They focus on pop and rock hits from the sixties and seventies.
Here is a link to some of their music:

“Brian Ernst is a full time touring artist from USA. He has 10 instruments and a looping pedal on stage, creating an original sound best described as acoustic, soul, roots. His music is inspired from spending the last decade on the road, touring in a full size school bus that runs on waste veggie oil and solar panels. Brian and his wife Katie also run an NGO called Journey4YOUth, which focuses on women and children empowerment in Kenya, Africa.”

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The Storm acoustic duo playing the best classic covers from 60’s/70’s and 80’s

+ evening guests PCR

4 piece Alternative/Indie Rock band from east London. Friends since secondary school, we merged together through our common love of music, beer and the prospect of getting a free lunch when practicing at one of our parent’s garages. Our music is original and mostly consists of up beat tunes with one or two slower ones for a change of pace when needed. Influences DONT include One Direction or The Vamps (so we must be worth a listen).