Country night

“We got both kinds of music here–we got country AND western”. East Lonesome Drifters is a five-piece outfit that pay homage to traditional country, western swing, Bakersfield and bluegrass. Hailing from Pittsburgh USA, singer Crispy Cowboy gives authentic voice to the stories behind the songs – classics from the likes of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Bob Wills, Gram Parsons, Buck Owens, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and many others. With three part harmonies, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, telecaster and bass (and the occasional washboard, dobro and harmonica thrown in) East Lonesome Drifters lay claim to being the most authentic honky tonk barroom band in the UK.

Here is the picture we are using as a quartet on the 17th (grim I know, but we like it that way!):