That Blue Patch , Raw Funk Maharishi, Peco & DeadBeatz

That Blue Patch 7PM
Two people, many instruments and a quirky take on songs old and new”. The name is optimistic – if you can see a patch of blue in the sky, the sun must be there somewhere.

Raw Funk Maharishi 8:30PM

3 piece jazz, funk, electronica band


Peco’ 9:30PM


Peco – Monster 
Peco feat. Tracy Gallagher – Let The Credits Roll 


DeadBeatz (Australia) 11PM

What you hear ISN’T what you get! You´ll get a lot more here! Equipped only with a small “orchestra”, (drums, harmonica, double bass and vocals), these 2 guys deliver blues at it´s best. Pure, raw, and hard-hittin’!
From Sonny Terry/ Brownie McGhee classics like “Ride & Roll” & Papa Lightfoots´ “Mean Old Train” to Mickey Lee Lane´s “Senior Class”, you´ll get a whole lot of danceable harmonica beats that will leave you – the audience – speechless! You’ll be DEAD BEAT tired!
Drummer David Karlinger concentrates on his harmonica chops in this band and works the drums with his feet. Bernie Miller slaps that double bass and is the man on the microphone as well.
If you don´t believe that these two aren’t enough to produce a forceful sound then you should witness the next live show of the two Dead Beatz!