Dan Maitland 7pm – LACK 8pm – TFMC Trio 9:30pm – Robert J Hunter 10:30pm

Dan Maitland – 7pm

Writer and musician Daniel Maitland released his debut solo album, Rumours Of A Nice Day, on Folkwit records in 2009: “…songs that grow and swell with each listen. Lovely.”
Since then, he has released a number of singles, including arguably the greatest Christmas song ever written, and is presently remixing Rumours for digital release, and writing and un-archiving a sister album, for simultaneous release.

LACK – 8pm 

LACK is a London born singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer from the borough of Hackney. After attending The Brit School and BIMM she began working as a vocal coach and developed her own events/training company (@hertfordvocaltuition) and is now in the process of writing and producing her first solo pop EP for release in 2020.

TFMC trio – 9:30pm

One of North London’s best kept secrets. Wickedly-crafted songs, bitter-sweet harmonies, and tasty licks, woven into a textured vocal and acoustic wrapping. 

A little bit of country, a pinch of soul, a generous dollop of the blues all served up in a big old pot of poptastic rock.

Meet The Fabulous Micky C Trio.  Mr Fabulous himself (strums and vocals), Howard Sarna (guitar and vocals) and Jay Tauben (bass guitar and vocals).

Catch ’em while you can …… for so many reasons!

Robert J Hunter – 10:30pm

Alderney born Robert J. Hunter is taking the blues scene by storm with his gruff, powerful voice and the wild thud of overdriven foot stomping blues guitar.