Rob Desroches & Dee Chanelle and the In-Laws

Rob Desroches 7PM


Rob DesRoches is unquestionably one of the finest and most charming songwriters ever to grace the stage. His honest and thoughtful lyrics, earnest live performances and witty stage banter have earned him a devoted global fan base. A musical chameleon and pianist, DesRoches is able to slip into many genres with ease. As his fans will attest, he is a spontaneous & fearless performer.

Rob is a true Canadian. No rock’n roll stories here. In the past critics have praised Rob’s lyrics, which have something to say without coming off preachy. Topics range from idle hands on a day off work (“Bouncy A”) to big questions (“God’s not a Crazy Man”). Others state “She said in her sleep this must mean something her?” a song which explores Women’s Rights and states “A mailman is just that a mail man with no good news today/She will turn the dog on him should he come around this way” Others urge listeners that “She likes to watch the pansies grow/ but she’s got her axe to grind” and states “everybody needs a little something/we all have the fries in the bottom of the bag”.!music/c1jmr



“Not your average family band”

“The Original Power DeeVa”