Graeme aka Dread Fury – One man’s band EP release evening

Soul, Rock, R&B, Acoustic, Funk, Blues live looping

Dread Fury is a name that seems to be on a few lips. They hear this name and they think that it’s the latest name for a reggae band. Right?

Wrong. Open your eyes and your mind. Dread Fury is one man.

Well, actually, it is the stage name adopted by Ilford native, Graeme Browne. Graeme conceived the name after meeting a potential drummer for his band who referred to him as the ‘Fury.’ The ‘Dread’ part came from what Graeme describes as an ‘extremely detestable habit that people have by mistaking his plaits for dreads.’

Dread Fury is a singer/songwriter/musician who describes making music as a ‘strong passion that no human being could ever understand unless they, too, are musicians. If I have a music idea, I’m recording it and getting the basic idea that is either exactly or closely resembles what’s in my head at that moment. I’ll throw in a few extra embellishments if any. Then you can see how much a song I’ve written from scratch means to me when I play it live. It’s the best feeling in the world.’