London all stars band started 4 years ago, it all started with the Latin American love for Salsa music , Juan the director of the band started it all, coming from South America and being a guitarist performer within the professional London music circle, he started recruiting musicians of high caliber who loved this type of music.
The band members are , two Sax players, a tenor and a alto, we also have two trombone players and two trumpets players, as you can see the horns section is dynamite on stage , we also have an extremely experience percussion section in Salsa dura ( best salsa), they are Timbalero, Bongos and the most important if it can be said , Congas , the bed rock of any salsa tune, our piano , conservatory, teacher at university of North London, amazing talent, Bass again professional tutor and session musician for mayor name bands work,
London All Stars Salsa , hopes to reach all people in love with the Salsa beat, our influences are : Oscar de Leon, Frankie Ruiz, Hector Lavoe, El Gran Combo, Ray Sepulveda, Cano Extremera and others, these are all Salsa dura well known artists..
Viva la Salsa