Haripaul & Unknown Report – Indie, Funk, Soul, Progressive Soft Rock

Harripaul is a band that combines diverse influences together to create a fresh and original blend of rock, reggae & classic soul.

Onstage, Harripaul is a powerful 4-piece band founded on the talents of Jean Harripaul, originally from Luton, Mark Gardner of Dunstable, Paul Little and Avi Ben Ezra both from London. Jean Harripaul (guitar/ vocal) first found chart success as a solo artist under the name of Roger Jean, with the hit record “Cover Girl”

In her Omoo guise, Weibel—with an assortment of entrancing lo-fi electronics, loop devices, a cheap music box and voice effects—creates minimalist vocal magic, occasionally with a honeyed backdrop of Stereolab-like la-la’s but always with an aesthetic all her own that is downright otherworldly.” – The Village Voice
Unknown Report
Members: Michael Gadsby – Vocalist – Aaron Saffell – Vocalist, Keyboardist – Charlton Thornhill – Guitarist- David Morrad – Bassist – Artur Bromfield – Drummer-

Genre: Indie, Funk, Soul, Progressive Soft Rock

Unknown Report is a five-piece band, from Medway and London. Since March 2013 they have been spreading their name around the South East.
A unique funk rock outfit, they are a quirky and curious amalgam of styles.
Their dark atmospheric sound is complimented by wide ranging vocals, harmonies, and driven by a fundamental rhythmic core.

The shows have been described as exuberant, confident, charismatic and shameless, – the crowd’s ‘guilty pleasure’. They harness the groove and surrender to each song’s meaning. A band to make you dance and think.