Hotel , Aviv and the Eunuch Horn, Otto & The Mutapa Calling & Outer Lines

Hotel 6:30PM

Hotel are a classic melodic four-piece with harmonies.

Aviv and the Eunuch Horn 7:30PM

Aviv and the Eunuch Horn are an ethnically ambiguous abstraction of rock music, offering dark psych pop with riffs.

Otto & The Mutapa Calling 9PM

Otto & The Mutapa Calling is a lively London based marimba band playing energetic, joyful music from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, including folk songs, original songs and popular southern African covers. The band’s set-up includes soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas, mbira, hosho, drumming and singing, with both traditional and contemporary dances. The marimba band’s sound is full of energy and pulsating rhythms – and our music shares the rich cultures, histories and stories of the people of southern Africa.
Some highlights from our 2018 summer performances include Wandsworth Arts Fringe, All Points East Festival, Heritage Zimbabwe Festival, Make Music UK Day, From The Forest Festival, Art Night London, One Love Festival and Leytonstone Street Festival.

Bienvenue  10PM

Bienvenue, South Londoner and multi instrumentalist, leading with vocals and bass, fuses funk inspired grooves with modern electronic production to create a new wave of British funk. Combining old school influences such as Parliament and Bootsy Collins, with modern electronic influences including Katranada and Nao. Heavily influenced by the current and thriving South London jazz & funk scene in venues like the Bussey Building and Busta Mantis.
Lyrically, Bienvenue discusses themes of social and political issues through a combination of sung and spoken word vocal delivery, married with low-slung bass lines and funky beats



Outer Lines 11PM

Jazz Funk