Inspirational Corner

Modern fusion band back from Austria, Vienna to England for presenting their album.

one hour with 4 instrumentalists and special guests.

It is an international project. They play a small tour in England to promote our upcoming album. Two of are band members coming from Austria, the rest is located in England.

The international (AUT/GB) project Inspirational Corner is presenting their debut album live. Inspirational Corner, formed in 2010 by Gerald Peter, is an ambitious band, where funky grooves, jazzy melodies and powerful rock riffs are combined to create a refreshing mix of styles! The bands line-up features Fusion-Guitar-Hero Micky Lee, Gerald Peter on keys and a really great rhythm section with special guest Mike Horne on drums and Thomas Hierzberger on bass. More special guests on Vocals tba. This unique and energetic band and their original material should not be missed!