James Gittins, Mark Gunner & Antonio Hernando

James Gittins 7PM


James is a Solo Funk and Disco Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter making and playing his original material about the biggest subjects of our time.
He wraps hard hitting and at times tongue in cheek 21st century social and environmental commentary around funky effect laden guitar melodies and solos which provide the backbone to his music which has been designed to get us all dancing. As SLAP Magazine wrote “James seems on a one man mission to save the planet with as much funk as possible….”
Following the release of two albums last year and two singles this year with more material due for release, he is now touring the country and kicked off playing for WWF at The Climate Coalition Mass Lobby in London.


Mark Gunner 8PM

Mark is a singer songwriter bassist from the Cotswolds. Developing and honing his technique on the acoustic bass, Mark uses a range of styles and methods to make stimulating and unique acoustic pop, all for the joy of good music. 



Antonio Hernando 9PM

Spanish songwriter

INTERFUNK band 10:30pm 


Purveyors of the finest batch of funky stew yet to emerge from London’s metrogroove kitchen…