Jazz up Thursdays with Beatheads & Kalpadruma


‘Beatheads’ are an exciting new band rising from the underground electronic jazz scene in London. Left-field grooves, an infectious sense of humour and extended groove-infused improvisations are the hallmarks of their music. As main members, the band features: Daniel Paleodimos; drums, Ollie Hopkins; e.bass and Dave Bristow: ; keys.

Knucklehead-jazz -new jazz-electronic group.

Kalpadruma (Mixed Jazz and Classical Ensemble from across London).

Kalpadruma* is an exciting new jazz dodectet/quintet exploring connections between Arabic, Turkish, Indian, Contemporary Classical and Jazz Musics. Led and written for by saxophonist Asha Parkinson (BBC Jazz Award Semi-finalist 2016/BBC Inspire young composer Semi-finalist 2016) it comprises some of the finest emerging players from Guildhall, RAM & RCM conservatoires and features jazz and Indian musicians alongside classical string players.

* Kalpadruma is a wish-fulfilling and divine tree of life in Hindu mythology