Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings -Rhythm & Blues, Folk, Soul and great Songwriting

Leytonstone Festival special:

Fusing gutsy Rhythm & Blues, Folk, Soul and great Songwriting, Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings combine all of the best parts of Roots based music traditions. The solid energetic bounce from the double bass, effortlessly intertwining dual guitars and soulful melodies lie beneath impassioned, stirring vocals and harmonies. All of these elements are the foundation upon which this exciting acoustic trio has been built.


+ evening guest Paul Whitton from 10:30pm

Paul is the alter-ego of 70’s glam-rock band
“Listick Torpedo”s singer/guitarist Interstellar Alan Meteor Storm,no
spandex or pyrotechnics tonight though!.Instead come and check out an
eclectic acoustic evening of styles and genres that have influenced
Paul over the years-soul,rock,blues,funk,latin,folk amongst others-
including the odd composition from his own 5 CDs,the latest of which is
an all acoustic set entitled “Dahn to t Wood”….Paul is from Yorkshire
by the way!See thee there!