Joey MacPhail 7pm – Silas Nello 8pm – Coustica 10pm – 789’s 10:30pm – Stolen Goods 11pm

Joey MacPhail – 7pm 

Joey Macphail is known for her rhythmic style of guitar playing and a commanding stage presence. Armed with insightful lyrics and infectious energy, Joey Macphail is a captivating performer who’s songs will have you joining in at her gigs and stay with you long after you get home.

Silas Nello – 8pm

Silas Nello is an American singer who weaves the spirit of Dallas and distance in his music. Half rock and roll, half folk – blending the domestic dialogue with frustration, the music is playing for you. 

Coustica – 10pm 

Coustica is a Wanstead based acoustic duo. They do rock, pop, blues & soul covers spanning the decades.

789’s – 10:30pm

Get up, get down to iconic hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s!
The 7.8.9’s are a chilled rock and roll cover band from all corners of London who all met up in a guitar class back in 2018.

Stolen goods 11pm
Soul/rock/funk covers