Juju Rock -Afro Rock & Guest Reggae Dj’s after 9pm

JUJU ROCK is a guitar led fire-starting instrumental quartet cooking up a potent blend of vibrant African cross-rhythms, heavily influenced by gritty funk rock elements and blues. The band is the brainchild of electric guitar player, Christian Arcucci, from Anthony Joseph’s infamous Spasm band and has a vibrant line up with bass player/producer Eon Ether (Bancmusic), percussionist Ketteh Lion (Sojourner Records) and drummer Paul Zimmerman from the original Spasm Band line up. As a quartet they are as loud and intricate as a band twice its size… and the band’s true power only fully comes across on stage, when African village scenarios and a mastery of rhythm and melody collide with heavy psychedelic guitar riffs and ferocious percussion.

Reggae DJ
Old School, Trojan, Ska and bit of roots…START 9PM