Howlin’ Mojo Bones

Bought it for the Bottle 7PM

Bought it for the Bottle (BIFTB) is the next step in the musical careers of Liam Talbot, Jack Dwyer, Chris Seaman and Bradley Cox, after performing togethefor over two years in the 7-piece funk pop outfit “What the Funk”.
Utilising the performance experience and musicality this afforded them, Bought it for the Bottle dived head first into the UK indie rock scene. Since their formation in early 2018, BIFTB have already earnt a fair following, aftertheir two singles and live performances. 
Taking a break from self-producing their records, BIFTB are churning out new songs, constantly evolving their style with influences ranging from Paramore and Catfish to 
Coin and The 1975. Eager to share their music, Bought it for the Bottle are hoping to spend the rest of the year writing and gigging as much as physically possible.
The Naked Feedback 8PM
The ‘Swagger Rockers’ 

Howlin’ Mojo Bones good old blues (4 piece band )