Michael Hardie, Lewis Mckale, Patricia Hill TRIO & The Taste Of South Africa

Michael Hardie 5PM

Michael is a singer-songwriter who has been writing and playing the blues for more than 50 years. He has lived in every major music capital in the US including Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville and Berlin – in the latter city he was the first American musician to live there right after the Wall fell becoming a Blues legend of the city. This year he will be releasing his eighth album, entitled “Seven Songs for Sylvia.

Lewis Mckale 6:30PM

Acoustic solo

Patricia Hill TRIO 8PM


PATRICIA HILL is a pop singer from Vienna, Austria. Besides several singing contests (Miniplayback Show, The Voice 2002) and transverse flute lessons, Patricia started classical singing education at the age of 13, as well as dancing education in ballet and figure skating. Ever since, Patricia focused on her singing career and participated in several bandprojects. During that time she toured through Germany, Greece and the UK (Cambridge Rock Festival, Rock and Bike Festival, Cavern Club/ Liverpool, interviews at BBC radio etc.).
Her solo-project “Patricia Hill” was founded back in 2015. The five songs of her selftitled debut EP-album (released in February 2017) with powerful and catchy choruses take the listener back to the 90s, whereas emotional ballads provide the romance.
Some highlights for Patricia as a solo-artist were her appearance at the Eurovision Songcontest VIP-Lounge, as well as Europe’s biggest Juvenile Basketball Tournament at the Wiener Stadthalle, in New York City (Village Underground, Cafe Wha), Budapest (A38) and the internationally well-known Viennese Donauinselfest.
Her acoustic band consists of LIONEL BOZEK (guitar) and LORENZO GANGI (percussion). Besides original material their repertoire contains various Pop Hits, as well as RnB and Soul music. This band formation features a melodic guitar, an infectious beat and a multi-faceted voice; a show for all to see.

The Taste Of South Africa 10:30PM

Taste of Southern Africa celebrates the diverse and colourful cultures of the people of southern Africa.
We aim to cover as broad a spectrum as possible – including culture, history, tradition, music, art.