Stefan Pfattner , I.N.D.Y ,Little Boy Lost & Black Swan Event

7PMStefan Pfattner (Italy)




Little Boy Lost 8PM

Little Boy Lost formed in 2014. Originating from acoustic based music they are now working hard on establishing a new, original sound for themselves. Their music comprises of intimate ballads with delicate harmonies alongside striking chords with pained lyrics, working together to create an emotionally engaging performance.




 Live looping artist, using vocals,guitar, midi keyboard, beat-box and a traditional instrument called Kaval. 

Original music, including Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz ,House, Trap, Fusion, Reggae etc. 



Black Swan Event 10:30PM

London based Alternative Rock band playing 60s garage rock. 

In a twisted milieu stretching between  and geisha brides and psycho dominatrixes, Illuminati and new world orders, Black Swan Event peer behind the twitching curtain of everyday life, channeling the surrealism of the 60s underworld with cynical observations of modern Britain. Somehow this fuses together in melodic tales drawing on classic blues themes of unfaithful women and underpaid jobs, new wave chronicles of  inner city life, the  lyricism of Ray Davies and the melancholy of Kurt Cobain. It may seem a dark place, but there’s humour and humanity, larger than life characters and plenty of light at the end of the tunnel.