Live music evening downstairs the Luna

Meet new and upcoming artists on one stage…

Izi Phoenix 8:30PM

Independent singer songwriter sitting between the pain of blues and angst of grunge traveling playing music from busking and open mics to the O2 Academy Islington and festivals including Oxjam and Musicians Against Homelessness.

The music comes from the subconscious with the melodies and lyrics flowing freely, untied to any constraints and naturally growing together allowing the songs to find the emotions we hide from ourselves and others.

Bevan Soga 9:30PM

Bevan Soga is a Cape Town-born Singer and Songwriter currently living in the United Kingdom who brings fresh and creative perspective to anyone who listens to his music. His thought-provokingly honest lyrics and relatable concepts mixed in with original vocal melodies and head-bobbing groves leave the listener feeling inspired. With a new take on pop music and lyrical content his music is sure to add to any music scene.

Andalou-Dog 10:30PM

Andalou-Dog is a project by the south-east London based multi-instrumentalist Andy Caruso.
Part of the Umbrella Collective,
On April 2016 the song Artificial Satellite has been included in the NX Records Mixtape 2016 (Accidental Records in partnership with the music department of Goldsmiths University of London) .
In June 2016 BYPASS, Andalou’s debut EP it’s been released, featuring 5 tracks.
Andalou-Dog’s live shows characterize for the use of immersive theatre techniques. For the event organised in occasion of the BYPASS EP launch, the show it’s been held inside of a boat where the audience has been asked to wear a mask and to comply to specific rules in order to keep the immersion.