Rangoon & The Blues Spiders

Rangoon 8PM

If there’s a genre called “Urban Country”, Rangoon claims it. Thumping rhythms underlie blues-based original material with country overtones and gritty street cred.
Building around Will’s original songs, the band has developed its own feel. Sometimes described as “high energy Americana”, Rangoon dips into bluegrass, west-coast and alt-country, Irish folk and roots music of all kinds. Influences from as far afield as Greece and Australia help create a story-telling narrative in which melodrama, passion and humour abound in stories of love and loss, where fantasy and reality clash, and nothing is resolved.
Rangoon is Will Hudson on guitars and vocals, Michele Haniotis on drums and vocals, Richard Harrison on bass and Howard Sarna on lead guitar and vocals. 


The Blues Spiders 10:30PM

The Blues Spiders regularly play the established venues on the blues ‘circuit’ in London and the south east, such as Ain’t Nothin’ But, St Harmonica’s and Blues at Barleylands, in addition to national festivals, such as Colne R ‘n’ B, Stow Blues and a number of Boogaloo Blues Weekends.

The Blues Spiders draw on the rich tradition of Thames delta R ‘n’ B and Blues. A new band but chock full of experience and meaty goodness!