Parsimonious Monk & Olli Martin Quintet

7:30 PM

Parsimonious Monk

Parsimonious Monk are a jazz septet consisting of 3 horns, piano, guitar, bass and drums who play jazz from across the 20th Century.

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Olli Martin Quintet

Formed in 2017, the Olli Martin Quintet plays original compositions by trombonist Olli Martin, drawing on influences from musicians and composers such as Dave Holland, Robin Eubanks, The Mason Brothers, Wycliffe Gordon and Eddie Parker.
The powerful front line combination of trombone and tenor sax set against the classic rhythm section line up of piano, bass and drums, links up to provide strong, energetic melodies and grooves. This all culminates to form an exciting, fresh, and accessible modern sound that is rooted in the jazz style with elements of groove and funk music thrown in.

The Olli Martin quintet contains some of the best young jazz musicians currently on the London and U.K scene.
Tom Barford on saxophone (Tom Barford’s Asterope, Edition Records), Rupert Cox on piano (Dave De Rose’s “Barefoot Bear’’, Rupert Cox Trio), Matthew Read on bass (Matthew Read Trio) and Dave Storey on drums (Dave Storey trio, Harry Christelis Organ Trio).
All five members are graduates from London conservatoire jazz courses and have formed strong musical and friendship connections with each other throughout the years.