PEDRICK, Alex Hedley & The Crux


Alex Hedley

Alex Hedley is a talented artist with a passion for the earnest melodies and intimacy of indie-folk music. Hailing from England, this charismatic singer and songwriter managed to combine stunning melodies with atmospheric textures and introspective lyrics, in order to create a catchy, yet earnest and edgy sound.

Alex recently released a brand new EP titled “This Life.” The project highlights Alex’s growth as a songwriter, marking his full transition towards becoming a solo act after some time spent as a former member of a band. Alex creates intimate and relatable songs that portray his vision, with elegant production aesthetics and genuine performances. He is poised to bring his music on tour throughout Europe and the UK, with new dates constantly being added to his calendar.

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PEDRICK are a pop/rock duo hailing from London, composing of founding members Theo and Bertie Pedrick, along with Dan Brewis on drums and Eddie Cockcroft on Bass. With a sound that lies between the radio-friendly sensibilities of Coldplay mixed with the arena rock of Imagine Dragons, they provide anthemic pop/rock songs alongside more sensitive ballads.


The Crux is an energetic band from California with a style similar to Gogol Bordello or Tom Waits We have performed in festivals and medium-sized clubs all over the US West Coast for the past ten years and are looking forward to bringing our show to some of our friends in England.