LIJO, Who Slapped John & Dee Chanelle and the in-laws


Lijo is a creator of words and sounds, constantly exploring her own boundaries in order to cross them. Her pop songs are quirky, eccentric and alternative and reluctant to obey any rules. Playing with beats and loops in her electronic set, as well as stripping everything down to the naked core with just a piano and her characteristic vocals, Lijo allows herself to experiment freely with her own music live. In doing so, she creates an almost touchable world that’s always in motion. While her influences are many and hard to pinpoint, some names that could come to mind are Kate Bush, The Dø, Regina Spektor and St Vincent. After spending a year working on her music in Berlin with singer, writer and producer Bled White, the first two-part ‘my  inner parts’ is due out in 2019.

Who Slapped John 8:30PM 


Maletta Jackson and the Reputations 9:30PM

Maletta Jackson and the Reputations draw on the finest traditions of classic country, folk and Americana to bring you original songs of love, death and heartbreak, guaranteed to melt the coldest of cold cold hearts. Since recording their debut EP ‘The Crypt Recordings’ last summer, the band have been taking the dive bars and honky-tonks of London by storm with their distinctive sound, combining lapsteel, banjo, guitar and bass with tales of astronomically-inspired murder, malevolent facial hair and bad romance. 

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Dee Chanelle and the In-Laws 10:30PM

“Not your average family band”

“The Original Power DeeVa”