Joey 6PM

acoustic solo


Lauren Collins ( New Zealand) 7PM

Acoustic solo


North Cape Lights 8:30PM

 Brit-rock / new wave band



Like to sing? Like to play? We have the perfect night for you, and you don’t need to be professional singer or musician.

Join our great community and the house band to sing or play along.
Some great instruments and the words provided.

SingSong club once a month at the Luna !!!!

Q: What is SingSong Club??
A: It’s a 21st century take on the old pub sing-song!

Join us as we all sing & play through some of the greatest songs ever written (we’re talking Beatles, Bowie, Beach Boys,etc). Lyrics and chords will be projected up on the screen and we encourage everyone to join in whether you’re just singing along, playing your uke or shaking a marraca!

(unplugged/acoustic instruments only please!)