Stanza Da Tre (Italy) , Emma Langford (Ireland) & Residence NonAme (Germany)


From the drizzling winter weather in Paris, the beautiful roses of Göttingen to São João Avenue and the mysterious Milano, take a trip with Stanza Da Tre.

Stanza Da Tre is a trio (double bass previously bass, piano and voice) that started concentrating on Italian music in its various styles and genres and developed towards a versatile and lively repertoire including jazz, chanson, bossa nova and folk.

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Emma Langford

Emma Langford hails from Limerick city in the south-west of Ireland. This singer-songwriter combines a powerful signature vocal and musical style blending elements of an Irish lilt with Latin beat, jazz and folk. Sparse guitar work complements a profound natural sense of melody while wry and insightful lyrics and a uniquely cheerful demeanour combine to create an engaging and personable presence, both on-stage and off. Emma is most often compared to her influences Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell.

Residence NonAme

Britrock/folk Band
Melodies and harmonious Britrock sound characterize the band Residence NonAme. Influences from Britpop / ClassicRock and Pop flow into varied songs, with some hymn-like character, to a quite unmistakable sound: Residence Rock. This sound is also reflected on their new album, released in March this year, which always shows their great influences such as Queen, ELO or Oasis.
It is definitely worth keeping an eye on this band, which is still at the beginning of their career, because the new album makes you want more – more Residence Rock.