Supercomputer & Hemmingway

Hemmingway bring elements of DnB, grime, punk, electro and pop together to create their unique sound.
Always socially conscious, they strike a chord in hearts, whilst shaking foundations with their huge sound.
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Supercomputer consist of the two friends Xevi Collado and Albert Pardo. Two promising and very talented producers and DJ’s from Barcelona.
Marked by strong melodic composition and depth beyond their years, the pair rose through internet acclaim on blogs like Fred Perry Sub-Culture and all their social media channels. Supercomputer offered up a way for the two producers to fuse the sounds they’ve been excited by for years but until now didn’t have the opportunity to explore. Organic, powerful, original and party-minded, their sound very quickly caught the attention of the crowd. In their live performances, the two young producers mix Supercomputer’s original songs with all time electronic-classics like Daft Punk, The XX, Caribou, Disclosure, The Chemical Brothers or Justice. Their live shows are really dynamics, the duo sings their own songs, plays guitars and percussions to offer original and quality live performances and they have a DJ set too.
Supercomputer have recently signed tracks for many kinds of record labels like Black Cat Records (Spain), One Sense Records (Spain), Disco Balls Records (USA), Garage Recordings (Spain), Club Luxury Records (New Zeland), Alola Records (UK) and LoudDjs Records (USA). All tracks are already a staple of their live or DJ sets and are expected to cement their position as one of electronic music’s most exciting new acts.