Swing caravan – Hot Jazz Live! (Downstairs)

£10 advance and £12 OTD.

“The Swing Caravan is a musical project inspired by the great tradition of Gypsy Jazz, fusing Django classic with original swing interpretations, their only goal is to double the tempo and turn all jazz hot. Against a backdrop of steam-train rhythms and smooth basslines, The Swing Caravan presents fast and furious guitar lines coupled with the sweet screeches of the clarinet. Drawing on their influences from big band swing to cool jazz to Django, The Caravan are sure to deliver a scintillating smorgasbord of the hottest gypsy swing.”

“The tightest group on the circuit. Their creativity knows no bounds and their energy is contagious.” – ‘Norwich, Fine City Music’

“Stunning musicianship and charming melodies” – BBC Cambridgeshire

Chet Bowerman – Lead Guitar
Rob Milne – Clarinet
Tom McGhie – rhythm Guitar
Sam Watts – Bass