Taiacore & The Beta Project (Italy)

Taiacore is an Electroacoustic Indie/Folk band that knows no borders or creative limits.
At its core are two unique and wandering souls that roam the planet collecting
experiences to transcribe in their own brand of sonic emotion.
The combination of Marta Tai’s intense vocals and Vincenzo Tancorre’s creativity on
guitar and banjo first came into contact some time ago. They quickly began to sculpt
their own musical reality, refining it through their journeys and street performance,
whether that was in Berlin or California, Madrid or Rome.
Despite their diverse roots and backgrounds, their intense chemistry drove them to
write music and lyrics at a furious pace at the same time as their personal relationship
grew even closer.

They are now ready to send out their first singles little by little, with the collaboration
and guidance of their listeners and fans.
Their debut album will showcase lyrics focused tracks based in multicultural folk, with
heartfelt ballads and roots rockers building on indie sound scape. It’s a fresh and
liberated sound, simmered to perfection over slow heat.