Samantha Perez, RAZ & First Principles

Samantha Perez (New Orleans)  7:30PM

R&B  and Jazz 


RAZ 9:30PM

98% instrumental, 2% vocal, Raz’s music is a blend of Jazz, Funk, Surf, Pop, Rock Fusion.
Raz is a word derived from ‘Rock’ and ‘Jazz’ – a fragment of what the band’s music is like.

First Principles 10:30PM 

The ethos is simple: great songs by great writers (some familiar, some not) looked at through fresh eyes, often stripped back to basics, to allow the beauty of the song to shine through. Drawing on a wide variety of styles and influences we’ll push some of the tunes in unexpected directions, for example adding jazzy chord rhythms to 80’s synth pop, or African soukous stylings to a modern dance track, but always we play with passion and quality, utilising a diverse range of instruments to give an exciting and original experience that will allow audiences to fall in love with the music all over again. Featuring talented young session player George Krethlow-Shaw on drums and cajon; former lecturer of music at UEA Dr. Vic Hobson on double and electric bass; Roselle handling vocals and keyboards (she’s one of the best new talents to emerge from Essex and winner of this year’s S factor); and old lazy hands Crazz on acoustic and electric guitars.
Come and fall in love with the music again.