Evangelia, Levent and Taylor & Odd Rocket


”When I was 7 years old listening to songs on my old mp3 player or my small cassette player I fantasized about holding a guitar and singing for the first time.I think I dreamt about this a lot and one day it actually happened I held a guitar in my hands.The journey of my musical experience is full of adventure , fragrances , colours and lights.My setlist is a rollercoaster through intense emotions and memories that i carry from my early childhood.on this journey im no longer alone, you can sit next to me and take a ride.”

Levent and Taylor 7:30PM

gypsy jazz/world music duo

Odd Rocket 10PM

Odd Rocket are a group of young people living in London and making music together. Their music is a soulful blend of jazz, pop and soft rock; featuring an array of instruments including: horns, synth, electric guitars, keyboard and drums. Newly formed, the band is playing shows across London in preparation for recording their first album later this year.