The Trailer Trash Orchestra & quest band ‘Haripaul’

“One of the finest country rockin’ bands in the UK” – Time Out
Made up of members of The Sindys, The Astronauts, Redmaxx and Los Chicos Muertos, The Trailer Trash orchestra is something of a Trashville super-group. The band came together through a shared love of Country-Noir and Trash Rock ‘n’ Roll, and their sound pretty much reflects this – like Johnny Cash meeting the Ramones at a party thrown by Gram Parsons who’s got The Pogues and Ween in as house bands.


JEAN HARRIPAUL was born with the rhythm and the vibe and from an early age he started his own band -ACR- having grown up on influences of U Roy Culture Bob Marley Dillinger latterly The Skids Simple minds and Michael Jackson